Property Management

We have the expertise to assist you in managing your properties in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada and Denmark. We have a strong network of affiliates that helps us facilitate your paperwork effectively and efficiently. We know the culture and we understand the sense of urgency that is needed to manage a property abroad. Take advantage of the manpower and local networks we have already established internationally.

Our services in property management covers the following documents:

  • Real property transactions such as lease contracts, mortgages, and purchase agreements. If you need a lawyer to represent you with any of your real property transaction, we have legal affiliates internationally to assist you with that. If you also need a non-lawyer to transact with any government office, we can help with that too. 
  • Registration of the real property and transfer of ownership. We have you covered in this area. We have expert facilitators to help with the registration and transfer of your property. They can efficiently collect your documents and transact with any government offices on your behalf. Moreover, we can provide you with regular updates as to the progress of your registration;
  • Processing of the Original Certificate of Title. We can facilitate the processing of your family’s Original Certificate of Title. We can closely work with you and provide updates of what is going on and services that we have done. 
  • Transfer of Certificate of Title from a seller to the buyer can be time consuming if the person assisting you has no expertise in getting this done quickly and knows the proper requirements needed to process your transfer. 
  • Estate Planning and Administration including wills and testaments, partition of inheritance, and succession of property. Our affiliates, both legal and non-legal, are well-versed to handle these cases. Both our team and our affiliates have the expertise you need for a smooth transaction and transfer of properties.
  • For any other legal document relating to the maintenance, transfer of ownership, and titling of the real properties, you can depend on our company to handle your documents.

Contact Information

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