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Jane and Pam met when they were still young practicing lawyers. They became friends while playing badminton games in their local lawyer’s chapter. Teamed up together to play doubles, Jane and Pam represented their local chapter in the regional and national tournaments. Due to their collaborations both in the legal court and in the badminton court, Jane and Pam developed a strong bond over the years.

Immigrating to the US, the move that changed lives

Pam was a clerk of court in a regional trial court (RTC) in the Philippines where she closely assisted the presiding judge with the legal and administrative works. While working in the court, Pam had established good relationships with the judges of other branches. She also built a wide network of alliances with practicing lawyers and court personnel. Her stint in the RTC strongly developed her skills in document preparation, file management, and inter-office coordination.

It was at that time when Pam found love with an American who was based in the US. She then had to resign from her work and It was at that time when Pam found love with an American who was based in the US.  She then had to resign from her work and move to the US to join her husband and establish their family life in St. Louis, Missouri.  Pam prepared all her US immigration paperwork and collected all her Philippine documents with the help of her relatives and friends there.  It was a very tedious job for Pam, who not only had to adjust to her new life here in the US but also had to deal with all these daunting immigration documents while she was pregnant with her first son. 

Meanwhile, Jane had left the Philippines and joined an international law firm as a foreign legal consultant in Indonesia.  Thereafter, she worked as a legal manager of a Thai law firm with six (6) branches all over Thailand that cater to foreigners.  Her dealings were mostly with clients who were nationals of America, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand.   As fate would have it, Jane also fell in love with an American and prompted her to also immigrate to the US.   She left her work in Thailand to join her husband in Florida where they were married and started a family together.

Just like Pam, Jane also prepared all her US immigration paperwork and her filings with the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand and Washington D.C, USA.  She also coordinated with her family and friends to get her requirements from the Philippines.

Creating this Company, the inspiration that started a mission

Jane and Pam spent a lot of time reading materials and searching the internet for tips on how to prepare their immigration papers.  Hiring a lawyer was not an option for both of them because their families cannot afford the cost.  Jane and Pam talked about their immigration journeys with each other. Both of them dealt with the same difficulties that US immigrants go through during their transitions with their families in the US. 

Searching the internet for available document preparation assistance only led to immigration lawyers and companies that offer online form template services. Jane and Pam understood that one cannot find an all-inclusive service, with the convenience of hiring a company that can both prepare your US immigration forms and at the same time request your documents from Southeast Asian countries, particularly in Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

With their personal and professional experiences, Jane and Pam decided to establish this company to provide much-needed services to immigrants.   All-About Documents, LLC aims to assist immigrants and expatriates who could not afford and do not need an immigration lawyer to help them with their document preparation and filings. This company’s services go with the Document Specialist’s focused attention and hands-on assistance to the clients while preparing their documents and procuring their requirements. 

Jane and Pam’s mission is to unburden immigrants and their families by handling their paperwork for them. 

Our International Affiliates

We have established strong ties with our international affiliates. Our affiliates provide linkages to the citizens of the countries we serve.  Through the years, we have built systems to best enable us to serve our clients here in the US and in other parts of the world.



Atty. Virgilio T. Teruel
Teruel Law Office
Rm. 209, 2/F Maryville Bldg.
Delgado Street, Iloilo City 5000


Atty. Sondang Tarida Tampubolon, SH, LL.M.
The Expatriate Lawyers
Sahid Sudirman Center
56th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 86
Jakarta 10220


Aires Rivera
Qualified Education Agent Counselor
Education Ventures Intl Service Agents Consultancy Inc.
250 Yonge Street Suite 2201, Toronto, ON M5B2L7

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We deliver the best and complete documentary preparation service to our clients. Driven by passion and purpose, we will get the paperwork done. Get to know us and our expertise.

Jane Dixon
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Pam Polka
Founder & Manager Internal Affairs

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