Foreign spouses, children and parents of Filipino nationals must secure a visa to travel to the Philippines

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If you are a foreign spouse, children regardless of age or  foreign parents of the a Filipino national, you need to get a Philippine Visa to enter Philippines. This new requirement was issue by the Department of Foreign Affairs through DFA Circular 36-2020 and had already took effect last August 9, 2020.

What does this mean? If you are Filipino and you had been naturalized in a foreign country and does not have dual citizenship, you are required to get a visa from the Philippine Embassies and Consulates abroad before entering Philippines. If your foreign spouse, children regardless of age and your foreign parents are all traveling with you, you must apply for visas for all your family members including yourself. Also, please bring a copy of marriage certificates or birth certificates with you when you travel to the Philippines in case a Philippine Immigration Officer will ask for additional proof of relationship between you and your foreign spouse or you and your foreign child or foreign parent. 

Foreign spouses who have a valid are not required to secure a new visas. This new requirement does not apply to those who have a Dual Citizenship and a valid Philippine Passports. If you want to acquire a Dual Citizenship and needs help to fill out the form we can assist you with that. We can prepare all your documents and mail it for you. We can also review your forms to make sure they are accurate. Please contact us. 

Sources: DFA Circular 36-2020 & IATF-EID Resolution 60